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Well now I'm going to get to explore something of the life of Nichiren caught my attention since the first time I read the letter known as "The persecution of Tatsunokuchi" sent this to his disciple Shijo Kingo samurai 21 September 1271. I will follow the paths historically documented but with a different view of the events that happened in the month of September 1271.exists in Japan a written record known as Kojiki or Furujotofumi. It is the oldest historical book that remains on the history of Japan. Literally, it means "old things record" compiled in the year 712 by O Yasumaro not by order of Empress Gemmei, offering an imperial genealogy from the first Tenno (Emperor) and a set of myths and stories. Kojiki mentions that the first emperor of Japan was Jimmu-Tenno, literally "Divine Warrior", although some historians doubt that such a person existed. interesting thing about all this is that the imperial lineage and the Japanese people if they believe in the legend of Emperor Jimmu who according to legend is ōmikami direct descendant of Amaterasu, the sun deity and ruler of the sky, considered one of the most important kami in Japanese mythology. So the tradition of Japanese imperial succession begins as the Koiji in 711 before of the common was the direct descendant of a goddess ruler of heaven. hence the expression given to the Japanese of "Children of the rising sun." Also in the Kojiki, Chamberlain Hixedano give you reports that "it has been at night as the planets Mars and Jupiter are close to each other and far are four times more shining and going off alternately. "Clearly not be the two planets in question. In other ancient document, the Nihon Shoki describes a shiny object in the sky, observed on the night of October 27 1180 in a "clay pot", I think the expression is equivalent to our "flying saucer." This "clay pot" after standing in heaven one moment later flew to the northeast of the province of Kii, the object disappeared, leaving a trail light (Jacques Vallee, passport is to Magonia, p. 4-5). Perhaps what might be called the first official investigation of a UFO sighting occurred in Japan in 1235 (Nichiren was 13 years old). During the night of September 24, while General Yoritsume and his army were encamped, mysterious lights seen in the skies. lights were seen in the southwest for many hours , swaying, circling and moving in spirals. Gen. ordered "a thorough scientific investigation" of strange events.'s report showed he has the taste "reassuring" of many contemporary explanations offered for UFO phenomena. In essence, the report said, "the whole thing is completely natural, General. It is ... only the wind that made ​​balance to the stars. "(Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, p. 5). Such that in the ancient Japanese chronicles since there have been many strange occurrences that have to do with UFOs and interaction between "gods" who came from the heavens and humans. These events were generally considered as "omens", resulting in mass panic and other social disturbances. thus begin this story, but I'll let Nichiren himself we the skip counting and each draw conclusions. As I am not prone to believe in miracles and gods I will draw mine. As mentioned Nichiren writes a letter to his disciple and samurai Kingo nine days after his attempted decapitation in response to several letters he had sent the samurai seeking explanation of what had happened the morning of September 12 as the same Shijo Kingo himself had accompanied his master to the beach where the events happened exchange them both their lives. Write Nichiren: "I can not express adequately my gratitude for his many letters. When it happened my persecution, on the twelfth day, you did not just come with me to Tatsunokuchi, but even he said he would die for me. I can only say that his attitude was prodigious ". Nichiren had entered into a dispute with one of the most prestigious priests Japan called Ryokan (1217-1303) priest of the Shingon-Ritsu school. Ryokan In 1261, he went to Kamakura, where he was appointed prior of KosenJi a temple which had been founded by one of the regents of the Hojo clan (dynasty that ruled during the Kamakura period). Later, he became prior of Gokurakuji, founded by Hojo Hojo Shigetoki father Tokimune the regent during the events in Nichiren's life. palaras Simply Ryokan rubbed shoulders with the ruling elite to feudal Japan. During the year of 1271 there was a great drought in Japan and the Ryokan, Nichiren challenged saying that he was able to pray and get it rained, but failed in their attempts to make rain and I leave Nichiren ridiculous. This brought great enmity toward Nichiren Ryokan to the point where the wives colluded with the ruling clan and forged false accusations against Nichiren, which eventually led to that being sentenced to exile on the island of Sado, under the supervision of Nobutoki Hojo, the administrator of the island. had given order directly Hojo Nichiren Tokimuni was escorted out Echi, residence of Nobutoki Hojo delegate, who was Homma Shigetsura. since there was to be taken directly to Sado. Hei no Saemon But, the political commissar of the government and sworn enemy of Nichiren, arbitrarily decided to run while guarding the road to the residence of Homma's excuse was that Nichiren would had tried escape and was killed in the attempt, here now called "law of flight". The plan was called off at dawn so that none of the followers of Nichiren knew of the transfer and bring to a beach called Tatsunokuchi where he should be executed, but this plan did not succeed. Nichiren Let us tell you what happened in the letter he sent to the lay nun Konichi, what is placed in parentheses are explanatory mine:

Figure 1. - This is the cave where prisoners were kept before execution. Nichiren was imprisoned here while awaiting transfer to Tatsunokuchi. A statue of Nichiren is enshrined in the cave.

"That night of the twelfth day, I was left in the custody of the feudal lord of the province of Musachi (here Nichiren is referring to Nobutoki Hojo regent of the province but it was also mentioned by the administrator Sado Island). And at about midnight, I moved from Kamakura in order to execute me. When we lined up the avenue Wayamiya (was a street that runs north to south of the city), the crowd of warriors looked around me and said:- Do not make such a fuss: will not cause any problems. I just want to pronounce my last words before the Great Bodhisattva Hachiman. (Nichiren has no intention to escape and the only thing he asks his wards to make a stop at the shrine of Tsurugaoka remains on track dedicated to Hachiman. Hachiman The Great Bidisatva while being one of the gods of Shintoism is also important for Buddhism it is considered as one of the gods that protect the votary of the Lotus Sutra.)

Figure 2.  Goreikutsu (cave where Nichiren was imprisoned) and now a statue of brass in place.

- unsaddled and expressed in good audible voice:- Great Bodhisattva Hachiman, are you really a god? When Wake Kiyomaro not going to be beheaded, a moon appeared as three meters wide (if this is true not that weird a moon-foot?). When the Great Teacher Dengyo spoke on the Lotus Sutra, you will ofrendaste Color Purple tunic (?). I, Nichiren, am the votary of the Lotus Sutra most prominent of Japan and I have not committed a reprehensible act alone ...... In the presence of countless heavenly deities, accompanied by benevolent and venerable deities of India, China and Japan, the Buddha Shakyamuni urged everyone to swear in writing that at all times protect the votary of the Lotus Sutra.And every one of you made that promise. Why not appear at once, to fulfill his solemn oath?(Really catches my attention this reminder that Nichiren makes aloud to Hachiman. But it seems that there was a conclave of celestial deities and human to agree as to spiritual direction, religious and moral wanted to follow humans and undertook, in writing, to protect all those who followed this guideline). Finally, proclaim:- If tonight I'm running and I'll land of Eagle Peak, will not hesitate to inform the Buddha Shakyamuni, the lord of teachings, the Goddess of the Sun and the great bodhisattva Hachiman have broken their oath.If you feel that this will cost them too much, I'd better do something about it, and immediately!And then I mounted my horse again. Already in the outside, on the beach of Yui, back talk when the group in front of the sanctuary of the place:- Stop a minute gentlemen.I have to convey a message to someone who lives nearby. I sent a boy named Kumao looking for Natakatsukasa Saburo saemon-no-jo (Shijo Kingo) who arrived in a hurry. (Shijo Kingo also arrived with his brothers.) - Tonight, I will announce decapitated.then the four men, Shijo Kingo and his three brothers, holding the reins of my horse, marched Tatsunokuchi with me. After we came to a Instead I assumed would be the place of execution. In fact, the soldiers stopped and, restless, began to circle around. Shijo Kingo, with eyes filled with tears, said: - They are his last moments ...! - You do not understand ...! - I said Could it be a joy bigger? Can not remember now what he has promised?

Suddenly, no sooner finished speaking these words, a star bright, bright as the moon, came from the region of Enoshima and crossed the sky from southeast to northwest. It was just before dawn, but the darkness was so deep that he could not distinguish a single face. And yet, the radiant object illuminated clearly to all, like the brightest full moon. The executioner fell on his face, blinded eyes, and panic spread among the soldiers. Some fled to the race, others dismounted from a jump and crouched on the floor, while some cowered in their saddles. " Nichiren in the letter (The persecution of Tatsunokuchi) that sends to Shijo Kingo five days after this event he says: "I have heard, unofficially, that the orders of the warlord of Kamakura (Hojo himself speaks of Tokimune) will be exiled to the province of Sado. Among the three heavenly children of light, the deity of the Moon was the one that saved my life in Tatsunokuchi, to appear as an incandescent object, and for four or five days, the deity of the stars came down to greet me (Nichiren had another meeting ). Do now is the god of the sun, and I know that, without fail, will protect me. "Nichiren explained in the letter" behavior of the devotee of the Lotus Sutra "we have been mentioning referred when he tells that Shijo Kingo "the deity of the stars down to greet him." I'll let Nichiren who also tell us what happened but I want to tell you quickly about the nomenclature used for encounters with UFOs. In ufology or ufology, a close encounter is an event in which a person witnesses the presence of an object unidentified flying (UFO) and sometimes, their hypothetical occupants. This terminology and classification system that underlies it were invented by American astronomer and ufologist Josef Allen Hynek (1910-1986), and first appeared in a book written by him in 1972. According to Hynek Classification: A meeting close of the first type : This involves the sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects in the sky, which can be.  saucers or flying discs (or flying objects form "cigar" or "cigar", etc..)  Lights strange.  Aerial Objects that seem too advanced to be from human technology. Close encounter of the second kind : This corresponds to the observation of a UFO, by physical evidence of their landing or, alternatively, of physical effects on a surface . It includes:  Heat or radiation.  Damage to soil or vegetation.  Animals scared.  human paralysis.  Interference to the motors (cars, for example) or receiving radio waves from radio or television broadcasts open. In the latter case, the witness may experience a loss of time (time gap or time loss.) Close encounter of the third kind : The observation of a UFO with biological entities, originally called animated beings by Hynek. The deliberately chose this name rather vague, avoiding alternative terms like "alien" or "alien" (aliens) and thus not giving any personal opinion not based on the origin or nature of those beings. Even Hynek wrote in his 1972 book that he felt disgust for such reports, but nevertheless felt the scientific obligation to include them, and that while representing a (small) minority of alleged encounters with UFOs, it was a measurable percentage of them. Mentioned all this by way of information continue to Nichiren's account of what happened on the night the day after Tatsunokuchi events, or whether the night of September 13, 1271. "And so came the night of the thirteenth. There were groups of soldiers stationed in the vicinity of my home (the house in Eichi Shigetsura Homma) and in the main garden. As it was mid-September, there was a huge full moon.Sali garden and there, turned towards the sun, I recited the verse of the chapter "Life Span". Nichiren writes as he berates lunar deity his behavior with the "devotee of the Lotus Sutra" and says that because he has been able to fulfill his promise but it should out of the predicament lies and mention several passages of the Lotus Sutra . "The Sutra of benevolent kings - writes Nichiren states:" The Sun and the Moon will diverge from their orbits regular. " In the Sutra of Kings sovereign states: "The thirty-three heavenly gods enraged," What do you say to these passages, deity of the moon? What is your answer?And then, like answering me, a huge bright star as the morning star fell from the sky and hung on the branch of a plum tree was in front of me (here Nichiren clearly says that the star was suspended in the air on a plum tree in front of him. Clearly this was not lightning was clearly no spark, was a luminous object that was suspended in the air). The soldiers, stunned, jumped from the veranda, fell prostrate on the garden and ran to hide behind the house. Immediately, the sky clouded over and began to blow a gale with such force that the entire island of Enoshima seemed roar. The sky shook and roared with deafening sound of drums. " For the second consecutive day Nichiren had a close encounter with paranormal and tries to describe with the right words to find the events that are occurring in front of him. From a different perspective all these events could be included in sightings and contacts with forces or entities earth. Heimo: 12/09/11, at 740 years of observed events that changed the life of Nichiren. Sources: 1. - The Pursuit of Tatsunokuchi. Major Writings of Nichiren. Soka Gakkai. Pag.205 2. - The behavior of the devotee of the Lotus Sutra. Major Writings of Nichiren. Soka Gakkai. Pag 801 3. - Kojiki. Chronicles of ancient events in Japan. Translation of Rumi Tani Carlos Rubio and Moratalla. First Spanish version from the original Japanese. Collection: Sheets of East. Hardcover, 288 pages.Madrid: Editorial Trotta, 2008. 4. - Naumann, Nelly (1998). Old Japanese myths.Barcelona: Editorial Herder. 5. - www. http://es.wikipedia.org 6. - "The change of power" Alvin Toffler, Plaza & Janes publishing.

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